FOMO is fake

F O M O, aka Fear Of Missing Out… News flash: this isn’t real. It’s a made up thing to make you feel like you’re not enough. <I said what I said> It’s true, girlfriends. FOMO ain’t real. We never had it until ‘they’ said we should have it. And they repeated it and repeated it and […]

A little experiment

Women, pay attention. From the minute we arrive on the planet, we are learning. Memorizing. Recording. Absorbing. It’s what we are designed to do. Every single message comes in and is processed. Stored. Placed. Our brains find a spot to file away the information for future use. There is no filter for ‘good info’ or […]

disappointed & disjointed

Ever felt grief over a loss that isn’t real? Yeah, me too. We’re in the beginning stages of emerging from quarantine where I live. ‘Life’ is opening up: grass is vibrant and green, the sun is out (and so are the buns, hon), and birds are going bananas with their cheerful songs. It all feels […]

boobs, buoys, bras, and body image

I think I had the biggest boobs at the wedding. I certainly had more than the entire wedding party, combined. And my niece happily told me about it every chance she could. Let me introduce you to Little Sophie, my brutally honest and equally charming niece. I just met her this year but she has […]