choose differently

Why do we choose suffering over joy? Why do we wallow in our pain instead of running toward our healing? Why, when there are so many different sources of hope and help, do we insist that we are alone? In our unhealthy obsession with self, we have put blinders on our own eyes and tricked our own minds into repeating a self-harming narrative of isolation and helplessness.

We believe what we continuously tell ourselves, so why are we running the wrong script? We are not here to suffer. We are not here to walk alone. That’s the lie. That is propaganda of the worst kind and we need to deny its broadcast.

We must choose differently. We must develop a healthy love for ourselves, finding balance internally and externally.

We must insist on a new narrative, one that builds confidence and nurtures courage. A narrative that empowers rather than limits. We are not alone. We are not inept, unable, inferior, or unlovable.

We are enough. We are absolutely, undeniably enough.

We are custom-built for this life, equipped for the days ahead, and capable of finding joy even in the strangest of circumstances.

If I tell you once, will you believe you are enough? If I tell you twice, will you embrace your power? If another celebrity writes an inspiring self-help book, will you then take positive action in your life? Will another Instagram post help? Another cleverly worded meme? A blog post? An emotionally stirring Facebook video with music that swells at the pivotal moment? Believe me, I get it. I need frequent reminding too!

These are the pictures on my bathroom wall. I read them every single day. The first, “You are enough.” The second, “Be fearless.” And if that’s not sufficiently empowering for the day ahead, I read the last one out loud to myself in a commanding voice, “Little girl, I say to you, ARISE!”


What do you need to end your suffering and run toward joy?

You need you.
In one moment, you can change your whole future. With one decision, you can determine a new path.
You need you. Period.
You need to speak kindly and firmly to yourself. Get up. Go get it. Go do! Go see!

Breathe. Feel. Dance. Believe. Run. Little girl, Arise!

Choose differently this day.



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Holly is Regional Sales Director for a global pharmaceutical company and Founder of The aMasongrace Project, a suicide prevention organization. She is an advocate, speaker, and author. Her widely-read blog, “It’s Just Me”chronicled her journey of surviving suicide loss. Holly’s latest endeavor, “Totally Enough,” is focused on empowering women of all ages to recognize their unique value, to walk in abundance, and to rest in the knowledge that they are enough. As is.




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