We’re busy women, career women. Sisters. Friends. Daughters. Some are mothers too. We wear many hats, play multiple roles. We are different people, living different lives, with different challenges and different stories. I believe, no matter how different we are, one thread ties us together… Each of us has struggled with being enough.

It seems that we are all searching to find the best version of ourselves. Questioning whether or not we are enough of this or that. Am I a good mom? Am I a good friend? Am I doing the best I can at work? Is my house clean enough? Do I make enough money? Have I meditated? Did I read my bible? Am I drinking too much wine?

Am I thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, patient enough, witty enough?

We question everything. We compare. We measure. We evaluate.

We’re women. It’s what we’ve been conditioned to do. We make everything okay and in order to know what needs fixing, we must constantly seek out what is broken.

In church circles, where the understanding of our true worth should be firmly embedded, we see women doing the same. I first learned about God when I was thirteen. I learned that I loved Him because He first loved me. I was fascinated by the story about the shepherd who left his sheep for the one little, lost lamb. The lamb meant so much.  If the lamb didn’t, the shepherd wouldn’t have, right? I still marvel at the idea of God knitting me together in my mother’s womb. Handcrafting a miracle. Personally designing my beauty and flaws, dreaming up a vision of who I would be and molding me into a masterful creation. Wow.


I’ve shared with friends my long-held belief that He wired me with irrepressible joy. He gave me the dimple my mother always wanted perhaps so she might love my face more than her own. He decided I would have my father’s laugh, even though I wouldn’t meet him until I was ten years old. God specifically, deliberately, and lovingly designed me. I was created by the master.

The minute I arrived on the planet, I was enough.


But… we learn as we grow and there is this space between the newness of creation and the wisdom of age. This space – this life – tells us another story. It teaches us to compare. It defines what is enough and then assures us we are not. Values are placed on external attributes that we can never change so that we always feel inept or insufficient. Why do we do that to each other?


Enough, already.


When we deliberately make a choice to say, “Enough!”, we begin to realize that the comparisons, the competitions, the insecurities – those are all distractions.


We have enough.

We do enough.

We are enough.



The comparisons aren’t real. There is no winner.

The quest to prove ourselves worthy is a con. We are already worthy.

Enough! Already enough, ladies.


You are Enough. Totally enough


Through her vulnerability and a generous dose of honesty and humor, Holly Chamberlain encourages and empowers others to find joy in every moment… even the impossible ones. 

Holly is Regional Sales Director for a global pharmaceutical company and Founder of The aMasongrace Project, a suicide prevention organization. She is an advocate, speaker, and author. Her widely-read blog, “It’s Just Me”chronicled her journey of surviving suicide loss. Her latest endeavor, “Totally Enough,” is focused on empowering women of all ages to recognize their unique value, to walk in abundance, and to rest in the knowledge that they are already enough. As is.

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