FOMO is fake

F O M O, aka Fear Of Missing Out… News flash: this isn’t real. It’s a made up thing to make you feel like you’re not enough.

<I said what I said>

It’s true, girlfriends. FOMO ain’t real. We never had it until ‘they’ said we should have it. And they repeated it and repeated it and repeated it until the concept seeped into our brains and latched on to our self worth and made a little nasty nest in there.

It is rooted in insecurity.

It’s a concept designed to tap into our fear of not doing enough, or having enough, or being enough. Marketers use FOMO in their ads to get us to ‘act fast before its gone’ because their product is available for a ‘limited time only’ and other nonsense. If you needed their product, you wouldn’t neeeed to be pressured to buy it.


And let’s talk about friend-pressure. Are you saying yes to events and plans and activities that you don’t really want to do because of FOMO?!?
Ick. Stop that, lovey.
Your time is precious. Your worth and joy and success and health do NOT rest on attending every single activity. I promise!
FOMO is made up to manipulate you. FOMO makes you buy more. You already have enough.
FOMO makes you do more. You already do enough, gurrrl.
FOMO makes you believe that you are deficient in some way… and taps into your FEAR of being ‘less than’ to manipulate you. Do you see? You are enough. Totallyyyy enough!

Today’s self care tip is this:
Say no to FOMO.
When you feel it creeping out of its little cave, look it right in its manipulative face, and say, “Nope. I have enough. I do enough. I am enough. Totallyyyy enough!”
And make a bold decision to stay on your own course, at your own pace, enjoying your own journey without fear of missing out.



Through her vulnerability and a generous dose of honesty and humor, Holly Chamberlain encourages and empowers others to find joy in every moment… even the impossible ones.

Holly is Regional Sales Director for a global pharmaceutical company and Founder of The aMasongrace Project, a suicide prevention organization. She is an advocate, speaker, and blogger. Her widely-read blog, “It’s Just Me” chronicled her journey of surviving suicide loss. Her latest endeavor, “Totally Enough,” is focused on empowering women of all ages to recognize their unique value, to walk in abundance, and to rest in the knowledge that they are already enough. As is.

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