“May your coming year be filled with magic…” Delicious magic. The kind that leaves you breathless and in awe, mouth agape, eyes wide. I am bouncing forward into 2018 with excitement and expectation for all the things… all the new things… all the magic that has my name written on it.

I’m so excited!

I danced in my kitchen this morning, stretched my arms open wide, and sang as loudly as I could. I teared up, got goosebumps, and smiled at the possibilities emerging already in this new year.

My mind and my heart in sync, dreaming up new adventures and wondering about the magic that is coming. One song. One dance. One moment alone in the kitchen before the chores of the day and the ‘suckery’ of reality forced it’s way into focus. I had to laugh. I can do both. The tasks, the work, the chores… the drudgery of one moment leads to the magic of the next. We can bounce lightly from one to another!

We can CHOOSE joy, even in the mundane. I’m sick with it! Infected by it, truly. Joy, upon joy, upon more joy.  We can tackle the daily ‘to-do’ list and still dream up a delightful adventure. We can handle the day-to-day responsibilities and not feel that we are missing out on life. This IS life.

I believe in the magic heading my way, the good madness, the dreams and kisses.

Do you believe something wonderful is coming for you too? “Somewhere in the next year, I hope you surprise yourself.”


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