After a couple of good, long crying jags and a bottle of wine (or two), I was finally able to come to terms with the fact that I am overwhelmed. Completely and totally overwhelmed. Exhausted, stretched too thin, stressed, edgy, not behaving like the best version of myself… that kind of overwhelmed.

I finished one project and started two more. I have three blog spaces and a speaking event coming up soon. I also changed jobs and spent three weeks training for the new gig. I’m selling my condo in Vegas and buying a Taj MaHolly in Texas. I’m moving three states away from the place I’ve called ‘home’ for three decades! I grew up here. Learned to drive here. Had a baby here. Fell in and out of love here. I made my way through thick and thin here. Succeeded and failed and succeeded here. I grew up here. I cannot believe I am leaving.

I feel ill-equipped for the task ahead. Everything is happening so quickly and my head is spinning from the rapidly changing details. It’s o v e r w h e l m i n g.

In moments like these, I have to remind myself that I am enough. I am equipped for the days ahead. I am up to the task. I am smart, strong, and I can do the hard stuff. I have never been me in this moment before and I have never done the things I am doing now, but I can do this.

Overwhelmed is okay.  I am totally enough.

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    1. Thanks Wendy! Bummed I missed u last time I was in PDC! I’ll message u next time and see if we can connect! Xoxox

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